Lanham Hall

Welcoming and Inclusive Student-Centered Support

Renovation and Expansion

The planned project updates an existing 73,455 square feet and adds close to 19,000 square feet. Building features will include a 175-seat lecture hall, a three-story monumental glass enclosure, and a grand staircase that unites all three floors. Once completed, Lanham Hall will provide consolidation of WDCE programs; a centralized, one-stop location for student support services; and a brand new home for the Academy of Health Sciences.

Designed intentionally with student and community needs in mind, the remodeling of Lanham Hall supports and reinforces the pathways model, bringing the college’s physical aspect in alignment with its vision. Students in need of specialized services will have one destination, where they can receive immediate help for anything from tutoring to financial assistance to career advising, and much more. This in turn will boost their chances of success and keep them on target to complete their goals.

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