Annual Giving

Owl Give Campaign


The Owl Give Annual Campaign provides support for student scholarships, innovative programs and other worthy initiatives affording the college the flexibility to use dollars where the need is greatest.

Give Online

The CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) is aimed at providing stimulus to the economy through relief to individuals and businesses, forbearance to those who had taken federal student loans, and provides incentives to encourage philanthropic giving in 2020. Click here for more information.

Why I Give

The value of a college education is immeasurable, but why give to Prince George’s Community College in particular? Our donors share a commitment to building a better community and a brighter future. Learn why our generous donors give, in their own words …

I shared because because employees are the first who should give. If 100% of the employees give, it is a compelling reason for others to give. 
- Nancie Park, Program Coordinator Business Services, Construction, Energy and Transportation
PGCC was my employer for over 40 years and I thought the Emergency Response Fund was a way to give back a little. Seemed like a good idea.
- John L. McClure, Professor of Physics, retired 
I gave because I genuinely care about the plights of our people - and intimately acquainted with 'the struggle.' Those individual and collective struggles that continue to plague our communities, being exacerbated by this present age. I also give because others once deposited 'Seeds of Care' in support of my academic endeavors...I sincerely hope that the seeds we now sow will reap a bountiful harvest in the lives of our students. Lastly, I give because we are blessed to be a blessing. 
- Cynthia L. Green, Technology Client Support Services Coordinator for Administrative Desktop Services Enterprise Technology 
As the Chair of the Board of Trustees for this great institution, it is the least I could do.
- Sidney L. Gibson 
Giving should be a way of life in everything we do...we never know when the time will come when the giving of others will benefit us in our own time of need.
- Tony Marra, TLSS/STEM, Transportation & Distribution, Laurel College Center 
I give so that others may be enriched in all their endeavors.
-Curtis & Lillian Langford, Alumni & Former Foundation Board Member
..Being part of the Prince George’s Community College community not only means being connected with my fellow colleagues but also making an impact on our students. I can not think of a better way to help our students achieve their educational goals than contributing to the Prince George’s Community College Foundation. Being raised by in a single parent household I truly understand how one gift, great or small, can contribute to a student's success. So I give because I want to make a difference in someone’s life, as it was done for me.
-Lynne Adams, Associate Vice President
It’s easy to give when you believe in the mission of the college. PGCC….got to love it!
-Joyce McPherson, Executive Associate I, Human Resources