Faculty & Staff Donor Wall  

Ms. Angela Abrams
Mr. Nabil M. Abujuma
Dr. I. Lynne Adams
Mrs. Olamide Akinade
Ms. Ennis N. Allen
Ms. Angela D. Anderson
Mr. William L. Anderson
Dr. Laura Ariovich
Mr. Manuel Arrington
Ms. Verlyn Ashe
Ms. Mae Askew
Mrs. Terri Bacote-Charles
Ms. Beth E. Baldwin
Ms. Susan M. Ball
Dr. Christine E. Barrow
Ms. Bridget Bartlebaugh
Dr. Meloyde Batten-Mickens
Ms. Regina Bentley
Mr. Thomas A. Berault
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Berry
Ms. Jamie Blackley
Ms. Teresa Blier
Ms. Deborah Bowles
Ms. Cheryl Brickus
Ms. Dionne Brown
Ms. Frances F. Brown
Ms. Kristal A. Brown
Mr. Clarence Bryant
Mr. Miguel Bueso
Ms. Karen N Burks
Ms. Diane Connelly Butler
Ms. Anitra E. Butler-Ngugi
Ms. Sandra Bynum
Ms. Cathryn L. Camp
Mr. Heath Carelock
Ms. Lynne A. Carlson
Ms. Cherry Carter
Ms. Rosetta Coleman
Ms. Julia Conte
Ms. Adrienne M. Crowell
Ms. Beth Cruz
Ms. Doris A. Cuffey
Ms. Nicole Currier
Dr. Audrey Davis
Ms. Courtney Davis
Ms. Kathryn Debruhl
Ms. Barbara R. Denman
Ms. Tracy Dirks
Dr. Mara R. Doss
Ms. Johnika Dreher
Ms. Cynthia Duckett
Dr. Thomisha M. Duru-Nnebue
Ms. Laura Ellsworth
Ms. Barbara Cartin Engh
Ms. Jenn Evoy
Ms. Bettyanne Fale
Ms. Mary C. Falkey
Ms. Tanilya Ferguson
Mr. Claudio C. Flage
Ms. Candice Floyd
Dr. Scheherazade W. Forman
Ms. Paulette Foxx-Dawodu
Mr. Sevtap Frantz
Mr. Mount O. Fulcher
Ms. Ana Funes-Moran
Ms. Susan Gagnon
Mr. William N. Gardner
Mr. Wendell J. Gaskins
Ms. Donna Gaughan-Wilson
Mr. Robert J. Goldberg
Ms. Sandra L. Gorrell
Ms. Cynthia L. Green
Ms. Debbie Green
Ms. Nancy L. Grinberg
Ms. Cynthia Gross
Ms. Betty Habershon
Ms. Robin Hailstorks
Ms. Allecia Harris
Ms. Doris M. Harris
Ms. Ruth G. Harris
Jing Haung
Ms. Jean T. Hawkins
Ms. Felicia Heru
Ms. Toni E. Hill
Mrs. Jasmine Hopewell
Mr. Manzoor Hossain
Dr. Nadene R. Houser-Archield
Mr. Benjamin Hurwitz
Ms. Karen Irving
Dr. Margaret H. Jenkins
Ms. Ava L. Johnson
Ms. Kimberly A. Johnson
Mr. Marshall Johnson Jr.
Ms. Sharon Jollie
Mr. Andy D. Jones
Ms. Benita Jones-Davidson
Ms. Beth V Kirk
Ms. Michelle Klein
Ms. Cecelia A. Knox
Ms. Kathy Kraus
Ms. Vivian P. Kuawogai
Mr. Wallace A. Lassiter
Mrs. Danielle LaSure-Bryant
Ms. Leslie Lee
Dr. Dawn K. Lewis
Ms. Ruth V. Lewis
Ms. Brittany Logan
Mr. Johnny Logan
Mr. Carlos E. Lopez
Ms. Caroline J. Lopez
Ms. Miriam Machado-Luces
Mr. Reginald Marcellus
Ms. Pamela Marcus
Mr. Anthony J. Marra
Ms. Greta R. Martin
Ms. Suzanne McCarthy
Mr. John L. McClure
Ms. Kristi McGhee
Ms. Paulett McIntosh
Ms. Joyce H. McPherson
Puspanjali Misra
Ms. Brenda S. Mitchell
Ms. Emily Mitchell
Ms. Karen Marie Moorman
Dr. E. Keith Murvin
Ms. Sabrina C. Nash
Ms. Karen Nelson
Ms. Sheryl Nelson
Ms. Nancie Nugent
Ms. Patricia O. Okorie
Mr. Adewunmi Oluwabuyi
Ms. Mirna Ostchega
Dr. Stephanie Pair
Dr. Nancie Park
Mr. Ian Leodegario A. Pedrigal
Mr. Charles Perry

Ms. Myriam Placide
Ms. Rachel Poleto
Ms. Lynne Powell
Mr. Donald W. Pruett
Ms. Karin E. Radsten-Varine
Dr. Clayton Railey
Dr. Beverly S. Reed
Ms. Gavette Richardson
Ms. Joyce Richardson
Ms. Andristine M. Robinson
Ms. Elana Robinson
Ms. Nancy Robinson
Ms. Senika A. Romulus
Ms. Thelma L. Ross
Ms. April Salley
Ms. Anne Shepard
Ms. Dawn Shockley
Dr. Jenelle Simpson
Ms. Amber Smelkinson
Ms. Crystal M. Smith
Mr. Sean Smith
Mr. Jeffrey L. Snodgrass
Dr. Rhonda Spells-Fentry
Mr. Calvin Stansbury
Ms. Caroline Stokes
Ms. Jacqueline Sumner
Mr. Melak Tadesse
Dr. Brenda D. Teal
Mr. Isaac Templeton
Ms. Sabrina Thomas
Ms. Sadra N. Thomas
Ms. Courtney Thrower
Ms. Jo Ann Todaro
Mr. Arthur Toole
Dr. Mirian Torain
Ms. Anna Towe
Mr. Christopher Tucker
Ms. Jessica Turner
Ms. Beatrice Turpin-Peek
Ms. LaNiece Tyree
Ms. Saeede Vakhshoori
Mr. Paul Van Cleef
Ms. Cynthia M. Varnado
Mr. Kevin Veiga
Ms. Kimberly Veney
Ms. Tonia G. Vessel-lawal
Ms. Rebecca G. Virta
Ms. Denise Walker
Mr. Michael A. Walker
Ms. Sade Walker
Ms. Sheila R. Walker
Ms. Nancy Waressen
Mr. Dwight Washington
Ms. Bridgett D. Watson
Ms. Susan Watson
Ms. Natalie A. Webb
Mr. Ronald Weist
Ms. Aundrea D. Wheeler
Ms. Kalika Robin White
Ms. Stephanie L. Whittington
Dr. Diana Doman Wilkins
Dr. Falecia D. Williams
Chief Grayling Williams*
Ms. Sherelle R. Williams
Mrs. Dena Wilson
Dr. Kathy L. Yorkshire


*In Memoriam

Faculty and Staff Donor Wall includes donors that have made a gift between May 2020- April 2021.

Faculty and Staff make up 76% of all individual donors to the college. If you would like to know how you can join this exclusive and powerful group of donors, please contact Caroline Stokes, Manager of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations, at foundation@pgcc.edu or call 301-546-0858. 

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The CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) is aimed at providing stimulus to the economy through relief to individuals and businesses, forbearance to those who had taken federal student loans, and provides incentives to encourage philanthropic giving in 2020 and 2021. Click here for more information.